Ear Candling
An ancient treatment that can detoxify the sinus and lymph system, sharpen the mental function, clear out debris and even improve hearing, smell & taste. Those having problems with sinus infections or inner ear infection have good results with ear candling
55 minutes ..... $60

Body Exfoliation
This is a wonderful treatment for dry skin. A sugar or salt scrub is used for removal of the bodies dead skin cells, then a hydrating aromatherapy oil is applied leaving the skin silky smooth & soft.
35 minutes ..... $45

Body Bronzing Treatment
Get a beautiful tan without the harmful rays of the sun. After having a full body salt glow, a self tanning cream is applied. This gives full color within 3-4 hours.
45 minutes ..... $50

Indian Head Massage

Combining pressure point therapy, lymphatic drainage & scalp massage, this treatment will ease stress & tension from the entire body.
45 minutes ..... $50


Pressure points on the feet directly correlated to different areas in the body. The problem areas in the body can find relief when these points are worked on. This is a deeply relaxing treatment that will help balance your system.
45 minutes ..... $50
30 minutes ..... $35

Back Treatment

This treatment begins with deep cleansing to remove excess oils, followed by an exfoliation. Extractions are done if needed; concluded with a mask & massage. Your skin will be left smooth & your mind relaxed.
35 minutes ..... $45

Body Exfoliation & Body Massage
You will have full body exfoliation followed by a hydrating massage using an aromatherapy oil leaving your entire body silky smooth & soft.
75 minutes ..... $85